It’s time to get Blogging!

Let’s get cracking!

I’ve really started to love Twitter. For my initial teaching years, I spent hour upon hour exploring the web to find new and innovative ways of delivering lessons or concepts to my kids. It really was incredibly laborious and given the nature of teaching in a high performing school in inner city London, one that I was not able to find time for. Consequently, I relied on books and previous materials or the odd splash of inspiration from colleagues to spruce up my lessons.
Moving to Dubai opened up my eyes to the incredible variety of teaching styles there are. They don’t particularly possess a name as such, but it is more so the manner a teacher has with their students and the relationship they have with them that allows them to learn essentially. My move from a British Curriculum school in London to an International Baccalaureate (IB) school in the Middle East was just what the doctor ordered. Observing teachers that facilitate children’s learning and encourage the child to take ownership of their learning is something that has stood with me to date. I love conceptual based learning (Project based learning) where children are empowered with the resources and aid they require to learn. Not so much content, but 21st century skills.
My new colleagues introduced me to Twitter and it took me a while to buy into it but it really is fantastic. Pintrest is something else that is beginning to grow on me, but Twitter is really my ‘Go to’ for classroom ideas. I cannot count the amount of articles, links and blogs I have used in the past couple of years and applied them to my own setting. Hence, what I am doing now, blogging. I have stolen so many fantastic ideas from other bloggers, that I now want to share some of the things that I love doing.
It’s time to start giving back.


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